Fah Mai Holdings Inc. is made up of a small team of highly motivated young individuals. We all share the same passion for a new and exciting future. We want to stand out from the crowd whilst maintaining our honest, open-minded integrity. We are interested in passion and attitude rather than academic achievement or status.

Our goal is to build a company with consistent asset growth that yields high dividends for our investors.


Louis Joseph Haseman

“I’m passionate about my health: physical, mental and spiritual. Keeping a balance between my work, social and recreational life is important to me. Relationships are a key factor in my life, one of the most difficult areas to be successful in for any person. I aim to remain humble and teachable at all times.”

I started my working career at the age of 15 washing dishes in a small restaurant in Cornwall, UK. I worked my way up to restaurant manager and did so in the next three establishments I worked in. Seven years in Hospitality & Catering doing split shifts and at one point 17 consecutive weeks without a day off showed me what hard Read More


Daniel Monk

“My parents raised me in the Cornish countryside and sailed me around the world. Today I continue to appreciate the outdoors and enjoy exploring the world with family and friends.”

Daniel had his first taste of the business world during his work experience stint with Benfield and Greig Re-insurance brokers in London, whilst studying at Sedbergh boarding school. 

Before Partnering with Louis at Fah Mai Holdings Inc.  Daniel created and successfully exited his own private antiques investment fund. As President of Fah Mai holdings since 2017, Daniel is responsible for the companies’ global sales and marketing strategy.  Contributes to the strategic direction and ongoing operations and continues to form new business and partnerships as well as having a sharp focus on Read More


Paul Lambrick

“I have two mottos that best describe my attitude towards work and have shaped the way I perform as both an employee and as a business owner.”
“You’re only as good as your last job” and “It’s only a problem if you can’t find a solution”

Since graduating university in 2005, Paul has predominantly been working as a freelance photographer, studio manager and media consultant. Photography and creative media was Paul’s first love and has been a continuing theme throughout his life. Paul set up and ran his own photography studio until relocating to Bangkok. Paul has worked as an assistant photographer on major advertising campaigns and lighting assistant for several TV commercials and music videos. Paul has also spent time teaching Read More

Describe the team in only one sentence:

“Louis is the most driven person any of us know, constantly trying to better himself and the company.”

Dan’s enthusiasm and energy knows no bounds. A constant motivator for the team and the perfect person to bounce an idea off.”

“Takky is ridiculously well organised and hands down the nicest person we’ve ever worked with.”

“Paul is always there if something needs doing and has a problem saying no; he’s also a little bit daft.”

“Theo’s Knowledge and passion for collecting whisky is inspirational and his confidence in what we are aiming to accomplish is hugely encouraging”