Fah Mai Holdings Inc.


After the recent success seen with the Platinum Whisky Fund it has become widely accepted that rare whisky is now an investment commodity that can be trusted and relied upon. With predictions of “bubbles” in the market from 2010 – 2014, themselves popping, following year on year rises in the total market value of collectable scotch. Coupled with the ever-increasing disparity between supply and demand.

It is now clear that the interest in and value of rare whisky will continue to grow for many years to come. We are now offering the opportunity for members of the public to join our ever-growing fund and to jointly reap the rewards of this unique investment market.

It is our intention to grow the combined wealth of this collection to USD15 million over the next 2 years, which we conservatively see too increase by the value of roughly 25% per annum. Our primary interest will be rare single malt scotch whisky, however will also include rare Japanese and Irish Whiskeys along with American Bourbons.

Fah Mai Holdings Inc. specialises in the collection and trade of unique and limited edition single malt Scotch, American Bourbon and Japanese whiskies. We source highly desirable bottles from all ends of the Earth, specifically those that are produced in low numbers or originated from already closed distilleries.

We store our bottles in secure bonded storage facilities around the globe, allowing us to easily transport items within our collection to various different global regions without the liability of customs duty until such time as we decide that a particular item is ready to be sold at auctions, to private collectors, whisky connoisseurs, or high-end hotels and lounges.

We are listing our company on the OTC market with the intention of making it easier for you to start investing in the rare whisky market. By purchasing shares in Fah Mai Holdings, you are in effect purchasing a share of our rare whisky collection, with the added advantage of letting us do all the hard work in sourcing, storing and maintaining the collection. Not only will this give you access to our own in-depth whisky valuation data and statistically guided purchasing strategy but by investing in FMH you, together with our many other investors will become part of a larger group allowing you to benefit from the combined groups purchasing power. With this greater pool of capital we will be able to secure the most promising bottles for our collection that will over time reap the biggest returns.

The bottles we will focus on acquiring will have the strongest potential for increasing their value over time and by their rarity will also be the most secure bottles to invest in, ensuring that they will always remain in demand.

As the collection is sourced, secured, held and traded by the management team at FMH. You can rest assured that we will be continuously working toward growing the value of the fund and therefore increasing the value of your investment.